Female Agent - Cute Blonde Beauty Lets Hot Female Agent Have Her Way - 04/04/2014

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Description: Layla (34 mins). I have a soft wet spot for blondes and Layla ticked all of my favorite boxes. She was a very pretty woman and she knew it, she openly admitted she thought she would be good for the job as she is beautiful. But modelling underwear was not going to cut it in my book so I tried to swing her round to the idea of erotica. She seemed doubtful of the idea so I thought I'd try another angle, but she ended up providing me with the perfect opening. When I asked to see her ID she pulled a massive dildo out of her bag whist she was looking for it. This thing was huge, it looked like a policeman’s truncheon and she confessed to always carrying it around in case she ever needed quick satisfaction. So I had one horny, nymphomaniac blonde in my office that's just pulled out her own dildo, this was game on. With a quick prompting of work available soon and a large wad of cash she was soon undressing to show me her fabulous body. I asked her as she was now naked to show me how she pleasures herself so I could see if she was ready for the job and worth the large amount of money. She was soon fucking herself with the dildo and I knew the more turned on she got the more chance I had of tasting that beautiful looking pussy of hers. As she got hotter and I got wetter I asked her if she had ever been with a girl, her reply was no, but she'd like to try it. Faster then a snake strikes I was at her side and we shared a sexy kiss before I licked her pierced nipple. This casting was screaming towards a very horny ending and we moved tot he couch where with our fingers, tongues and toys we both brought each other to amazing orgasms, I was so tender after I came I had to shout at her to stop. A beautiful casting with a beautiful blonde. Enjoy., 04/04/2014
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