JaxSlayherTV - Two Captains And One Hot Blonde Bombshell - 03/07/2024

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Description: Maximo and I were taking a little break in Budapest, exhausted from driving the boats. That's when he slyly mentioned that he knew a certain Venera Máxima - a tall, blonde bombshell who was known for her insatiable appetite for threesomes. My heart raced with excitement as we made our way to her place.<br><br>And let me tell you, Venera did not disappoint. She was all about getting down and dirty with both of us. Her lips were expertly wrapped around our throbbing cocks, taking turns pleasuring us with her skilled mouth. We indulged in the ultimate fantasy as we took turns pounding her tight holes, driving her wild with pleasure.<br><br>But the real showstopper was when we decided to double penetrate her. The sheer satisfaction on her face as we filled her up in both her pussy and ass was enough to drive us both wild. She was a true nympho, begging us to keep going until she couldn't take it anymore.<br><br>Finally, we couldn't resist any longer and we both released our hot loads into, 03/07/2024

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