Real Wife Stories - BrideZZilla: A Fuckfest At The Wedding part 3 - 09/21/2022

Duration: 41:05 Views: 184 068 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Phoenix and Mick rush back to the wedding hall, arriving too late. Everyone's gone but the officiant, Damon Dice. Phoenix and Mick decide to get married anyway. When Damon asks if he can have a private chat with Phoenix first, she’s confused but agrees. Damon tries to dissuade Phoenix from marrying Mick and starts making moves on her, turning her on and igniting her inner slut who’s hesitant to be tied down. However, Mick, who has been sneakily spying on them from the start, intervenes. He doesn't mind Damon fucking around with Phoenix, as long as he can still marry her. The groom demonstrates his selflessness by letting Phoenix and Damon fuck freely before joining in on the action and treating his wife-to-be to the double penetration action she craves.
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