Mike's Apartment - Sexy Tenant - 10/16/2013

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Description: Angelik is taking a holiday from France and needs a place to stay. She answered an Internet classified ad for a place that had reasonable and negotiable rates. Being a beautiful dark haired, light skinned women with an extremely fit and sexy body she is attracted to the words negotiable. Renato picks her up at the airport and takes her to meet JJ and see the apt. Angelik likes the apartment and JJ likes what he sees, so he offers to let her stay if she lets him tape her fuck his friend. Feeding JJs video addiction and finding Renato sexy, Angelik is happy to oblige. Starting with a little show Angelik's tits and ass are quite the package. With piercings in her nipple and pussy it's apparent Angelik is no stranger to pleasure nor pain. Renato gets up in there and licks and sucks that clit hard. Angelik gives everything shes got back and throat fucks Renato's cock. The sex that follows is lengthy and plentiful. Angelik takes it in and rides with purpose. After begging to and having her ass fucked she is finally content. Renato proceeds to empty his sperm reserve into Angelik's mouth and face, which she allows to drip down across her body.
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